Texas Independence Referendum Act

The Texas Independence Referendum Act is a piece of proposed legislation that will give Texans the ability to vote on whether they want to become an independent, self-governing, nation-state.

The most comprehensive piece of self-determination legislation ever introduced in any State of the United States, it is modeled after the UK Referendum Act and the Scottish Referendum Act, as well as previous proposals submitted by the TNM.

Connect With Your Legislators

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Tips For Connecting


    Always be courteous but firm. Build relationships with your reps and members of their staff.


    Be clear in your request. Let them know:

    • that you are one of their constituents
    • that you¬†support a bill that will let Texans vote on independence
    • that the TNM has delivered proposed legislation that will make this happen
    • that you would like for them to file the bill or, at the very least, commit to supporting it

    Legislators give a greater weight to different contacts. In order from greatest to least:

    • Personal Visits
    • Handwritten Letters
    • Phone Calls
    • Emails

    Contact your reps often. Daily if you can. Weekly at a minimum.